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  • The pet plastic bottle has better rheology in the molten state, and the pressure has a greater influence on the viscosity than the temperature. Therefore, the pressure is mainly used to change the mobility of the melt. Plastic bottles have different usage.

  • With the rapid development of the plastic processing industry, the use of hot runner molds has become more and more widespread. The main advantages of using hot runner molds for injection molding are: no nozzle recycle, saving raw materials; shortening th.

  • In industrial production, various presses and special tools installed on the press are used to make metal or non-metallic materials into parts or products of the required shape through pressure. These special tools are collectively referred to as molds, w.

  • Many people in charge of injection molding plastics processing companies complain that there is too little money to make money. On the one hand, it comes from the high cost of machinery and molds. So why is the cost of molds so high? The following will an.

  • In mold design, in order to shorten the molding cycle of the mold, improve production efficiency, and ensure product quality, mold cooling is essential. The commonly used media for mold cooling include cold water, warm water, oil temperature, etc., not al.

  • The PET preform injection molding machine is mainly used to make preforms into finished bottles. Household injection molding machines are mainly divided into pet injection molding machines and plastic injection molding machines for other materials accordi.

  • As an auxiliary machine of the injection molding machine, the manipulator improves the automation level of the production line and greatly improves the production efficiency of the injection molding machine!.

  • For inexperienced customers entering the injection molding industry, often consult our company's customer service: How can I improve my injection molding machine in one day? For this problem, we first understand the operating procedures of the injection.

  • 20 ways to improve injection molding machine

    1. Explanation of the starting circuit of the oil pump motor
    The starting of the oil pump motor is star-delta starting..

  • Lisong Machinery is an injection molding machine production base integrating R&D, production, sales and service. The company has a senior design team that analyzes and optimizes the mechanism and operation control of the injection molding machine through.

  • The lifting manipulator usually has the effect of picking up heavy objects. For example, for the warehouse, the warehouse needs to change more content. At this time, if you need to grasp the object and choose the manipulator, it can also help save time, a.

  • Many machinery manufacturers now choose to use injection molding machine manipulators as the main production method, but the use of automated production in injection robots can improve product productivity and product quality, and reduce product productio.

  • The injection molding industry is increasingly using manipulator, because the injection molding industry uses manipulator instead of manually to remove products from the mold and embed the products in the mold, which can reduce heavy manual labor, improve.

  • Plastic molds are tools that are matched with plastic molding machines in the plastic processing industry to give plastic products a complete configuration and precise dimensions. Simply put, a plastic mold is a tool used to process plastic..

  • The manipulator technology has developed rapidly. The manipulator system has penetrated into the industrial fields of various sectors and played an important role in the development of the industry due to its simple medium source, no environmental polluti.

  • In recent years, China's plastic molds have developed rapidly. At present, the proportion of plastic molds in the entire mold industry is about 30%, and the proportion of mold imports and exports is as high as 50-70%..

  • Since Pakistan is one of the largest producers of export-quality fruits and vegetables, the demand for fruit basket manufacturing is increasing. Making high-quality fruit baskets is important to ensure the safe transportation of fruits and vegetables over.

  • For injection molding machines, many novices in the plastic bottle industry need to know and learn a lot of knowledge before buying, and they need to buy according to their own needs. There are many factors involved in the process, so only a suitable inje.

  • Due to the specificity, precision, fragility and other characteristics of the mold, the safety protection of the injection mold is very important. The overall summary is as follows:

  • For many years, injection molding has been the first choice for mass plastic production. A large number of plastic products that we use or see every day are produced by injection molding. However, the molds required for injection molding are usually made.

  • As the most important production tool of the injection molding factory, the injection molding machine mold determines the shape, specification, size, and appearance finish of the product. Do you know the elements of injection molding machine mold protecti.

  • What is the process of turning on the injection molding machine? If the startup process of the injection molding machine is not standardized, it will cause a variety of conditions such as poor mass production, short machine life, and reduced quality..

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