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2021 China plastic mold development trend analysis

TIME:2021-02-25 Share

In recent years, the development of China's plastic molds has been quite fast. At present, China's plastic molds account for about 30% of the entire mold industry. With the rapid development of China's automobiles, home appliances, electronic communications, and various types, it is expected that in the future mold market, the proportion of plastic molds in the total molds will gradually increase, and the development speed will be faster than other molds. Take the automobile industry as an example. With the rapid growth of automobile production and sales, the potential market for automobile molds is huge.

inejction mold

In the production of automobiles, various functional parts must be formed by molds. It takes more than 200 interior trim molds to manufacture an ordinary car, while the large and medium-sized ones needed to manufacture bumpers, instrument panels, fuel tanks, steering wheels, etc. For plastic molds, from the perspective of the production capacity of the mold industry, the current satisfaction rate is only about 50%.

In the construction field, it is also a general trend that plastic building materials replace traditional materials in large quantities. It is expected that in 2012, the national penetration rate of plastic doors and plastic pipes will reach more than 45%, and the market share of plastic drainage pipes will exceed 50%, which will greatly increase the demand for molds. Luo Baihui believes that large-scale, precise, and reasonably designed injection molds will be favored by the market.

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