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2021 Ningbo International Plastic Machinery Industry Exhibition

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2021 Ningbo International Plastic Machinery Industry Exhibition Details
Time: 2021 05.24 ~ 05.26
Opening hours: 09:00-18:00
Host City: China-Zhejiang-Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center
Holding cycle: once a year
Exhibition area: 20000 square meters
Number of exhibitors: 700
Number of viewers: 30000 people

Ningbo International Plastic Machinery Industry Exhibition NBPLAS has received strong support from "China Plastics Processing Industry Association", China Light Industry Association, "Ningbo Plastic Industry Association" and other regional industry associations in recruitment and promotion, and also received Lisong Machinery , Haitian, Starfish, Shuangma, Ramada, Kangrun, Huaming, Cologne, Liansu, Zhongya, Qiming, Bochuang, Walter, Shouyu, Runjia, Edel, Jindi and many other domestic and foreign brands The recognition of the enterprise.

exhibition criteria:
1. Plastic machinery: Extruder and extrusion production line, plastic packaging machine, blow molding machine, blown film machine, bag making machine, injection molding machine, air compressor, plastic welding machine, labeling machine, robotic arm (take-out machine) , Package printing equipment, separation equipment, pipe equipment, vibrating screen, hot melt glue machine, crushing, water pump, sensor, etc.

2. Auxiliary equipment measurement and control equipment: loading and unloading device, dryer dehumidifier, pelletizer, chiller, crushing equipment, air/water injection equipment, quantitative feeding device and metering device, reprogrammable industrial robot , Sprue separation device, surface pretreatment equipment, discharge device, metal separator, mold change system, dust and smoke extraction system, degassing system, conveyor and conveying system, mold heating and cooling device, melt pump, silent Eliminator

3. Plastic machinery parts: heating components, blades/scrapers, rollers/press rollers/barrels/rollers, nozzles/nozzles, hydraulic components, screws

4. Others: press foam, reaction or reinforced resin machinery; calculator-aided design and production system; decoration, decoration, printing and labeling machinery and equipment; measurement, control and test equipment; pre-processing, recycling machinery and other processing Machinery/post-processing machinery, etc.

Ningbo International Plastic Machinery Industry Exhibition NBPLAS will continue to take "high-quality service", "more professional optimization" and "multi-directional publicity" as the service concept, relying on "the strong industrial advantage in East China" and many expert seminars and exhibitors during the exhibition. New technology and new product launches "provide exhibitors and visitors with a comprehensive, professional and reliable reference index and trading platform.

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