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5 major problems in the plastic mold industry

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The development of High-Quality Preform Mold is developed with the development of the plastic industry. The development of plastic products will inevitably require the development of plastic molds. The major user industries of plastic products such as automobiles, home appliances, office supplies, industrial electrical appliances, building materials, and electronic communications have been operating at a high level in recent years and have developed rapidly. Therefore, plastic molds are also developing rapidly.

1. Unbalanced development and low overall product level:
Although the products of individual companies have reached a very high level, and some of the products of individual companies have reached or are close to the international level, overall, the accuracy of the mold, the surface roughness of the cavity, the production cycle, the life and other indicators are comparable to the foreign advanced level. There is a big gap than there is. The overall level, including production methods and corporate management, is still more than 10 years behind foreign industrialized countries.

2. The technological equipment is backward, and the organization and coordination ability is poor:
Although some enterprises have advanced technological equipment through technological transformation in recent years, most enterprises still lag behind in technological equipment. More importantly, our corporate organization and coordination ability is poor, and it is difficult to integrate or mobilize social resources for our use, and thus it is difficult to undertake relatively large projects.

3. Most companies have weak development capabilities:
On the one hand, the proportion of technicians is low and the level is not high enough. On the other hand, the investment in research and development is low. More importantly, the concept is backward and the development is not paid enough attention.

4. Management backwardness is more than technical backwardness:
Technical backwardness is often easy to see, and management backwardness is sometimes difficult to realize. The gap in management between domestic and foreign mold companies is very obvious, and the problems caused by the gap in management are often more serious than the gap in technology.

5. The market demand is strong, and it is difficult to keep up with the development of production for a while:
The contradiction between supply and demand is still difficult to solve for a while, and the situation of short supply will continue for some time.

The main problems currently existing are the above five points, but I believe that through the joint efforts of the entire industry and the joint support of all parties, they will gradually be better resolved.

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