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5 points of knowledge necessary for the maintenance of the electrical part of the injection molding machine

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5 points of knowledge necessary for the maintenance of the electrical part of the injection molding machine
(1). Inspection of terminals of thin-wall injection molding machine
Cables that are not tightened on the connector will cause high temperature at the connector part or cause flame damage. Poor connector will also endanger the transmission of data signals; the connector on the AC contactor will be easily loosened due to the vibration of the electromagnetic induction posture. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically check the line connection head position and tighten it.

(2). Thin-wall injection molding machine motor
Generally, the motors are all evaporative cooling type. The accumulation of floating dust will make the heat pipe difficult to dissipate. Therefore, it is cleaned on time every year. Generally, there is a motor load disconnector in the power circuit. The limit current of the protector is adjustable. Appropriate selection should be made according to the rated power of the motor. In addition, once the over-current protector is activated, it should be clearly checked whether it is under-phase, poor contact, or high water temperature before pressing the return position switch.

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(3). Perm cylinder and thermal resistance of thin-wall injection molding machine
The perming tube should be checked on time to see if it is tightened to ensure reasonable heat conduction. In all normal manufacturing, the damage of the perming tube is not easy to detect. Therefore, pay attention to the working conditions of the temperature control panel and distinguish hot from it. The tube is not everything normal. In addition, the common damage of the perm cylinder is the connection of the cable, because the connector is not good, and the loop resistance is enlarged, which causes the interface to oxidize and damage the interface due to the overheating of the connection.

(4). Electromagnetic contactor for thin-wall injection molding machine
The AC contactor used to heat a part of the electric heating is more frequent due to the frequent postures, and its wear rate is also rapid. If the main contact point is overheated and melted and bonded, the heating temperature will be uncontrollable. Therefore, if the touch is found to be overheated , If the sound is heard or the fire is too big when it is disconnected, the watch may be damaged, and it should be replaced as soon as possible.

(5). Computer control part of thin-wall injection molding machine
With the application of the microcomputer control system on the injection molding machine, the fluctuation of the power supply voltage during the normal operation of all the intelligent parts and related auxiliary electronic boards, the temperature and humidity of the office environment, the durability of the installation, and the external high-frequency data The influence of the signal has clearly put forward higher regulations. Therefore, to maintain the normal operation of the cooling fan for the natural ventilation heat pipe in the control box, apply a high-precision power supply to stabilize the power supply system of the machine and equipment, and try to reduce the control cabinet’s exposure to the outside world. The hazards of human vibration are the basic regulations in all normal work. This level of difficulty should be further dealt with and inspections should be carried out regularly.

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