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6 elements of injection molding machine mold protection

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Due to the specificity, precision, fragility and other characteristics of the mold, the safety protection of the injection molding machine mold is very important. The overall summary is as follows:
1. Anti-rust: Prevent rusting caused by water leakage/condensation/rain/fingerprints in the injection molding machine mold.
2. Anti-collision: Prevent the mold from crashing due to the breakage of the thimble and the failure to retract in place.
3. Deburring: Prevent mold burrs caused by cloth wiping, material punching, hand wiping, nozzle pliers touch, and knife touch.
4. Missing parts: prevent mold damage during use due to lack of tie rods/washers and other parts.
5. Anti-pressure: prevent the mold from being crushed due to the mold being locked due to the remaining product.
6. Under-pressure: prevent mold damage caused by excessive low-pressure protection pressure.

injection molding machine mold
Among them, the proportion of mold damage caused by the broken thimble, the thimble not returning in place, the residual product in the mold, and the lack of accessories is relatively high, and because it occurs more frequently, more than 85% of the mold damage is caused by this reason. The maintenance cost of molds is generally high, so how to avoid such situations is directly related to the interests of the injection molding industry.

In order to prevent production delays caused by mold damage and high maintenance costs, and to better save labor resources, Anqi Technology has developed a product called "mold" after continuous research and improvement using machine vision technology protector".

Mold monitor, or mold protector, also known as mold electronic eye, can effectively protect valuable molds. Mold expert Luo Baihui said that the injection molding machine mold protection system, installed on the injection molding machine, can directly check whether the product is qualified, and check whether there are residues before closing the mold to prevent the mold from pinching. When the injection molding machine is running, expensive molds may be damaged due to plastic residues or misalignment of sliders during each cycle. Anqi prevents these situations from happening, and automatically prevents mold closing and alarms when abnormalities occur.

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