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6 factors to consider when buying an injection molding machine

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Generally speaking, large and medium-sized customers pay more attention to brand manufacturers when purchasing injection molding machines. In addition to brand manufacturers, what factors do customers need to consider when purchasing injection molding machines?

 1. Technical parameters: When customers purchase injection molding machines, they can compare the relevant technical parameters provided by the injection molding machine manufacturer with the industry standards or the technical parameters of similar injection molding machines at home and abroad. In the process of comparison, careful comparison is needed to avoid omissions.

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2. Choosing a supplier: In general, customers are willing to buy products from local manufacturers with service offices, because the structure of the injection molding machine is relatively complicated, and problems will inevitably occur during use. At this time, the after-sales service of the product is critical , Be sure to consider this factor when purchasing.

3. Model selection: The model is mainly considered from the two main parameters of the injection molding machine, one is the injection volume and the other is the clamping force of the machine.

4. Human-machine dialogue ability and operability. The structure of the injection molding machine is relatively complicated, and the general customer does not understand it. Therefore, it should be relatively simpler and more convenient in use and operation, so that the customer can quickly become familiar with the product and use the product.

5. Stability, reliability, safety and service life of the machine. This is the most important factor to consider when purchasing an injection molding machine. Customers buy products not to solve short-term needs, but to use them for a long time. Therefore, the performance of the product itself is very important.

6. Machine maintenance and repair should be convenient. Maintenance can also be considered as one of the factors to consider when purchasing products. Generally, there will be some problems in the use of products. At this time, quick and convenient maintenance is very important.

If customers want to buy better products, injection molding machine manufacturers will tell you that they need to inspect the products in all the above aspects. The general considerations for purchasing an injection molding machine are mainly the points mentioned above.

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