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9 measures to be done before high-speed injection molding machine

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9 measures to be done before high-speed injection molding machine

1. Injection molding machine and mold protection
Before the injection molding machine is stopped, the mold should be opened to a distance of 5-10mm, so that the hinge (crank arm) mechanism of the clamping machine is in a semi-extended state, so that the hinge mechanism (crank arm) of the injection molding machine stays in an unstressed state State, better protect the mold and clamping mechanism.

2. Barrel cleaning
Before stopping the machine, clean the plastic in the barrel, and use one of PP, PS, PE to clean out the original plastic remaining in the barrel. After cleaning, loosen the screw stroke to the maximum stroke. This can prevent part of the screw head from being burned out when the temperature rises next time the machine is started.
Note: If the plastic used is colored, VO fireproof plastic, corrosive plastic, plastic with glass fiber, it can be washed out with one of PP, PS, PE. After the cleaning work is completed, the temperature of the material pipe can be directly turned off.

3. Drain the mold, barrel cooler, and hydraulic oil cooler
Turn off the power supply of the cooling water tower, water tower outlet pump, chiller equipment and mold temperature control equipment first, and then do the following four points of drainage protection work.
A. Close the water inlet and outlet valves of the hydraulic oil cooler of the injection molding machine, remove the water inlet and outlet pipe joints, and use the air gun of the air compressor to blow out (drain) the residual water inside the cooler to avoid rust or rust inside the water ring. Oxidation. In addition, the filter screen above the water inlet pipe of the oil cooler needs to be cleaned.
B. Close the water inlet and outlet valves of the mold (male mold/female mold), remove the water inlet and outlet pipe joints, and use the air gun of the air compressor to blow all the residual water inside the mold's water transportation system (drain out) to avoid the mold The mold core is rusty.

4. Maintenance of lubrication part
A. The lubrication of the mold adjustment mechanism is filled with difluidized molybdenum according to the machine maintenance requirements;
B. The hinge part is lubricated with thin oil (Sinopec Great Wall Rail Oil L-G150), the internal sediment of the electric lubrication pump needs to be thoroughly cleaned and the oil suction port filter of the oil pump is cleaned. Check whether the connecting oil pipes are crushed or damaged. . Be sure to do a manual lubrication test to observe whether the spool of each lubricating oil distributor pops up and resets, and whether the lubricating oil pipe is broken;
C. For the lubrication of the front plate of the injection station, the rear plate of the injection station and the melt drive shaft, lithium-based grease (3#) should be added as required.

High-speed Injection Machine
5. Maintenance of machine bypass filter and oil suction filter
A. When the machine is running, observe the area pointed by the pointer of the bypass filter pressure gauge. If it approaches or reaches the red area, please replace the bypass filter element in time;
B. Observe the pressure gauge pointer of the oil pump suction filter when the machine is running. If it is close to or reaches the red area, please clean the filter element in time. If the hydraulic oil in the oil tank is too dirty, replace the hydraulic oil.

6. Maintenance of motor cooling fan
Disassemble the motor sealing plate to observe whether the motor fan is operating normally. If the fan does not rotate, replace it in time. In addition, you need to use an air gun to clean the dust on the surface of the motor cooling fan and the motor heat sink, and pay attention to turning off the power of the machine when cleaning.

7. Maintenance of the electric box
A. Check whether the exhaust fan in the electric box is operating normally when the power is on. If there is a fan that does not turn or runs noisy, please replace it in time;
B. Use an air gun to clean the filter of the cooling fan and the filter of the air inlet;
C. When the main power switch is turned off, clean the dust in the electrical box to ensure the normal operation of the electronic board and electrical components. If possible, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner to clean it.

8. Other maintenance
A. Finally, clean up the debris and rubber on the machine table;
B. Ensure that the oil return port of the oil return bin under the clamping frame is unblocked;
C. It is recommended to store some mothballs in the electric box to prevent rats from entering the electric box to bite the related electrical circuits, and finally close the electric box door.

9. Precautions for booting after the long holiday
A. After the machine is powered on, check whether the relevant indicator lights and the machine computer are operating normally;
B. After the machine starts the motor, pay attention to whether the sound of the oil pump is normal. If there is an abnormal sound, it may be that the filter screen of the oil pump suction port is dirty, and the filter screen needs to be cleaned or replaced;
C. Turn on the electric heat of the machine to heat up the barrel, and pay attention to whether the heating is normal. The temperature of the barrel needs to be gradually increased. The temperature of each section can be set to 80 degrees first, and when the set temperature is reached, the temperature of each section is gradually set at a level of 15 degrees each time, and finally set to the product produced The production temperature required for the material;
D. After the machine temperature reaches the set value, the gun barrel needs to be kept warm for half an hour before it can be used for melting and shooting, which can reduce the phenomenon of damage to the screw and three small parts due to insufficient heating in the barrel;
E. Before the machine is produced, run various actions in manual mode (check whether each action is normal), and check whether the lubrication system of the machine hinge is normal to ensure that each lubrication point can be lubricated normally.

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