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A good helper for automated injection molding machines-manipulators

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In recent years, the injection molding machine industry has developed by leaps and bounds, and the automation degree of the injection molding machine assembly line is getting higher and higher. Here we will talk about the good partner of the automated injection molding machine-the manipulator!

With the rapid development of injection molding machine technology and technology, factories have become increasingly demanding for their own degree of automation. Industry experts expect automated vertical injection robots to gain popularity soon. The robotic arm will make an important contribution to the automation of the injection molding machine industry.

The robot hand is an automatic operating device that imitates the motion function of humans and arms, and grasps objects and operates tools in a certain order to carry them.

automated injection molding machine
It is characterized by the ability to perform various expected tasks according to programming, and its structure and performance have the advantages of both humans and robots.

There are many advantages of robotic arms. Take the removal process of injection molded parts of an injection molding machine as an example. The robotic arm can imitate certain motion functions of a human arm and is used as an automatic operating device for grasping, transporting objects or operating tools according to a fixed program. The use of mechanical arms can reduce the workload of workers, improve labor productivity and workshop automation. The successful development and use of injection robots promoted the localization of automation equipment for injection molding production lines, enhanced the competitiveness of domestic enterprises’ products in the international market, and became a new economic growth point in the injection molding machine auxiliary industry through the continuous development of injection molding robots. , Can drive the development of auxiliary equipment such as conveyor belts and other automated factories, thus forming a larger industrial chain, promoting the development of the entire injection molding industry and Zhoulian equipment, and increasing national income.

With the continuous acceleration of the automation process of automated injection molding machines, the technical upgrading and transformation of injection molding machines have also been comprehensively improved. Technically, fully automated injection molding machines will enter life and factories.

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