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Advantages and development prospects of BMC injection molding machine

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BMC injection molding machine is a kind of thermosetting material, which is especially suitable for producing BMC/DMC products with inserts or BMC/DMC products with high requirements for product hardness. However, the barrel temperature of the injection molding machine should not be too much, and it is generally set to 60 degrees, which is convenient for materials. Just flow.

The invention of this machine has obvious advantages over traditional moulding machines:
1. One-time storage is 15Kg from the storage simple, and each mold is automatically fed according to the parameters set by the computer, which completely solves the tedious and time-consuming operation techniques such as manual weighing and manual feeding.
2. Reduce the cost of raw materials for manufacturers, save labor costs, improve product quality and ensure the rate of finished products.

injection molding machine
3. Improve production efficiency and realize multiple clamping systems, which doubles the efficiency.
4. Reduce the labor intensity of the operator and prevent safety accidents caused by fatigue due to labor intensity.
5. Convenient cleaning, saving raw materials, beautiful and environmentally friendly products.
6. The glass fiber structure in the product will not be damaged, ensuring the strength of the product, and can realize the production of high-content glass fiber products.

After years of technology introduction and technological innovation, the manufacturing level of China’s plastic machine industry in the field of low-end injection molding machines is almost the same as that of developed countries. Coupled with the advantage of labor prices, China’s low-end injection molding machine Machine exports account for half of the world. In addition, in recent years, China's plastic machinery industry has not only made great progress in the field of mid-end injection molding machines, but also made important breakthroughs in the field of high-end injection molding machines. The market share of China's plastic machines is expected to gradually expand. At the same time, as far as the global market is concerned, the continuous development of the global construction market will drive the demand for plastic pipes, wall panels and other extruded products, thereby promoting the growth of demand for extrusion equipment. Therefore, the global demand for extrusion equipment is expected to exceed that of other types of press products. A survey by the American Industrial Market Research Corporation shows that the demand for plastic machinery in the United States and Japan will show signs of recovery again, and demand in the Western European market will accelerate in 2017. The sales prospects of plastic machinery in China, India and Russia are promising. Turkey, the Czech Republic, Iran and other developing countries and regions will gradually increase their demand for plastic machinery. In short, the development prospects of BMC injection molding machines are very bright.

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