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Analysis of market characteristics of PET packaging bottles

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The main characteristics of the PET packaging bottle market are as follows:

1. The products are mainly used in the field of fast-moving consumer goods, and the market demand is large
PET bottles are mainly used for fast-moving consumer products such as beverages, condiments, daily chemicals, and edible oils. These products have large consumption, high consumption frequency, and future market capacity is still growing, providing the PET bottle industry with continuous growth market space . Compared with durable consumer goods (including automobiles, home appliances, furniture, etc.), the purchase process of fast-moving consumer goods has the characteristics of impulsive consumption, and the appearance and packaging of products play an increasingly important role in sales.

In addition, due to food hygiene and safety considerations, the current recycling of PET bottles in my country is used in industrial plastic manufacturing after recycling old bottles, rather than re-used in food and beverage packaging. Therefore, currently PET bottles for food and beverage have a "one time The characteristics of "sexuality" have further accelerated the consumption rhythm of PET bottles.

2. Cooperation with downstream customers "starts with careful selection by both parties, focusing on long-term stable cooperation"
Downstream of PET bottles, such as beverages, condiments, edible oils and medicines, all need to meet strict food safety and sanitation standards. Downstream companies are very cautious when choosing PET bottle suppliers for food safety considerations, and suppliers must enter their procurement system , Need to go through a long period of inspection and strict certification. In order to ensure the stable and reliable quality of PET bottles, and improve the standardization level, so as to facilitate product quality management, once these well-known companies select their suppliers, they generally will not easily replace them. In addition, downstream companies usually work with PET bottle suppliers to design, research and develop the packaging of specific products and plan the "product-package" integrated process flow. This product customization model and integrated production model improve the relationship between downstream companies The stickiness of packaging suppliers also increases the concentration of suppliers.

PET packaging bottles
For PET bottle manufacturers, the value of a single PET bottle is relatively small, and large-scale production must be used to ensure the survival and development of the company; in addition, PET bottle manufacturers produce PET bottles for different customers and different downstream products. Different appearance designs, ingredient color matching designs, and different molds are required. If the downstream product standardization is too low, the model number is large, and the single batch output is small, it will be difficult to achieve large-scale industrial production, which will affect the profitability of PET bottle manufacturers. Therefore, with a certain production capacity, PET bottle manufacturers often adopt a marketing strategy of "developing a small number of high-quality customers, maximizing individual customer sales, and developing with high-quality and high-growth customers" to establish long-term, long-term, high-growth customers Stable partnerships to achieve economies of scale. Based on the above reasons, large PET bottle manufacturers and downstream customers often start a stable and long-term strategic partnership after careful mutual selection.

3. The cooperation mode of upstream and downstream enterprises is constantly upgraded, and the cooperative relationship is gradually solidified.
With the continuous deepening of cooperation between PET bottle manufacturers and downstream companies, the continuous improvement of the level of mutual trust and the continuous enhancement of the strength of both parties, based on the common interests of both parties, both intend to establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship. Therefore, the cooperation method of the two parties will also show a trend of continuous evolution and upgrading, from the initial "traditional production method" to the "wired production method", and further upgraded to the "full-process production method". Under the "traditional production method", the packaging bottle production line is separated from the downstream beverage production line. The packaging bottle manufacturer delivers the produced packaging bottles or preforms to downstream customers for use, and the beverage manufacturer is responsible for bottle blowing or filling. This method is usually suitable for the initial stage of cooperation, when the packaging manufacturer has high transportation costs, it is difficult for the two parties to connect their production plans, and there is often a disconnect between upstream and downstream.

Under the "wired production method", PET bottle manufacturers directly connect their own blowing production lines with the filling lines owned by downstream companies, and upstream and downstream companies coordinate with each other to arrange production. This method improves production efficiency and helps reduce product defect rates; reduces the chance of secondary pollution of products during transportation and helps ensure product quality; it saves the logistics and transportation of packaging bottles and helps reduce logistics and transportation costs for both parties. Under this model, upstream and downstream companies cooperate more closely, the production lines are spatially connected as a whole, and the cooperative relationship is stable and solidified.

Under the "full-process production method", PET bottle manufacturers are responsible for all production processes such as embryo making, bottle blowing, and filling, while downstream manufacturers focus on brand and channel building. These methods have the following characteristics:

1. The above-mentioned downstream enterprises have gradually established a high degree of mutual trust in the long-term cooperation as a prerequisite;
2. Subject to the strong comprehensive strength of PET bottle manufacturers;
3. Based on the long-term and stable cooperation of the above downstream enterprises;
4. Aiming at long-term and stable cooperation in the future to achieve a win-win situation;
5. The bargaining status of upstream and downstream enterprises tends to be equal, and the interdependence is more obvious;

In the current beverage PET plastic packaging bottle market, the above three methods coexist. Usually, in the early stage of cooperation, PET bottle manufacturers and downstream beverages are still in the cooperative observation period, and “traditional production methods” are more common; as the cooperation deepens, the two parties have begun to establish long-term and stable cooperative relations with increased trust. Based on the needs of common development, The two parties began to adopt the "online production method" to achieve the purpose of increasing production capacity, saving costs and reducing secondary pollution; with the further deepening of mutual trust and dependence, the two parties have integrated services in technology research and development, product development, production and supply, etc. A tacit agreement was reached, and the "whole process production method" came into being.

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