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Analysis of Plastic Processing Technology and Automobile Industry Chain

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With the increasing application of plastics in automobile, injection molding technology has become the mainstay of large automobile parts production. From large external parts such as door and bumper to smaller precision parts such as exhaust manifold and automobile lamp cover, injection molding is needed.

Lisong company has strong strength in fully automatic production units, providing Ford with a complete set of production units mainly based on pet high-speed injection molding machines. The color is also specially applied to the color specified by the customer.

Lisong machinery offers personalized solutions:
In view of China's rapidly developing automotive market, Lisong has demonstrated the latest technology, including vacuum bonding of basic materials with PVC and thin films, preformed film production (followed by foam backing, back molding or back molding), die pressing (IMG) process, vacuum laminating, forming film and plastic lining. In addition, the special methods of folding film, fabric, leather and Alcantara with or without adhesive, pressing of fabric, leather and Alcantara, riveting with ASC technology and / or ultrasonic technology, high frequency welding and bonding and assembly are also demonstrated.

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Lisong machinery improves carbon fiber performance to help the vehicle lightweight:
Carbon fiber is one of the most important materials for new automobile. It is used to treat extrusion / mixing equipment of these materials, and it has also developed rapidly in recent years. There are many pipes used in automobile. In order to control the cost, prolong the life and save materials, the pipe processors must implement effective on-line control on the wall thickness, Ovality and eccentricity of these gas pipes and the thickness of each layer of the multi-layer automobile pipes.

Temperature and medium are the main factors that affect the ultrasonic transmission rate. Therefore, how to eliminate the influence of temperature and medium in the measurement environment has been a problem that has been perplexing experts in many countries for a long time. If in the measurement of large diameter thick wall gas pipe, the temperature of different wall thickness of pipe can not be determined, which restricts the application of ultrasonic thickness measurement system in the production of large caliber gas pipe.

In addition, Lisong machinery also shows the series of raw materials used for packaging, sealing or potting, such as silica gel, two-component polyurethane resin material and foam sealing material. These reflect the diversified development of Lanpu.

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