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Analysis of the future development prospects of injection molding machines in China

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At present, the development of injection molding machine industry is becoming increasingly clear. In recent years, due to the increasing demand for injection products in industries such as automobiles, construction, household appliances, food, and medicine, the development and improvement of injection molding technology has been promoted. China Plastics Machinery's sales in 2000 were about 7 billion yuan, about 85,000 in units, of which about 40% were injection molding machines. From the perspective of major producing countries such as the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, and Canada, the output of injection molding machines has been increasing year by year, accounting for the largest proportion of plastic machinery.

  PET Injection Molding Machine
What are the three stages of the development of injection molding machine industry?
1. Brand enlightenment or budding stage. The market is basically dominated by foreign brands. At that time, Chinese companies mostly acted as agents of foreign brands, while domestic brands were basically blank. Some users have gradually begun to "recognize the brand", and the Chinese national injection molding machine brand has begun to sprout and grow, but it is still only "small lotus with sharp corners."
2. Brand initiation stage", many companies have begun to realize the importance of branding, have brand awareness, and begin to invest funds to promote and establish their own brands.
3. The injection molding machine market has begun to enter the "brand acceleration stage". In the market competition, brands with low and no well-known brands have obvious disadvantages, and the input-output ratio of brand promotion is very obvious, which highlights the importance of the brand battle. After this stage of baptism, there are very few companies that do not pay much attention to brand promotion, but some companies can only look at the brand and sigh because they only have enthusiasm and no financial resources.
In recent years, as China’s economy continues to grow and China is currently in an important stage of economic and social transformation, frequent population movements, increasing complexity of public security prevention, continuous improvement in security awareness of enterprises and the public, and rapid growth in demand for products have led to many The production capacity of enterprises has expanded. At this time, many enterprises rely on improving equipment or introducing new equipment to increase production capacity or save energy. Or develop injection molding machines in the direction of precision and refinement. From not having its own national injection molding machine brand to many brands, and the industry has gradually risen from a single product to a solution, achieving major breakthroughs. Borch has even more to enter the German market. As we all know, Germany has a mechanical system. Great advantage. And it continues to grow.

The situation and development strategies after China's accession to the WTO:
After joining the WTO, it has had a significant impact on the development of China's injection molding machine industry, and both opportunities and challenges exist for enterprises. The reduction of tariffs will enable a large number of imported injection molding machines to occupy the Chinese market. Advanced technology, excellent quality and good service will have strong competitiveness. Taking advantage of China's open preferential conditions, injection molding machine manufacturers in some developed countries and regions have entered China. They make full use of China's human and material resources to reduce production costs. And China's injection molding machine industry can also import high-quality and low-cost supporting parts at low taxes to improve the quality of the whole machine, which is beneficial to export.
PET Injection Molding Machine

How can injection molding machine manufacturers seize the opportunity to find the development space of their enterprise?
1. We should establish an export-oriented development strategy, vigorously expand exports, and create conditions for our products to enter the international market. In particular, superior products should strengthen their export efforts and increase market share. Encourage more companies to set up research institutes and enterprises overseas, especially in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and Eastern Europe, which have great potential.
2. Actively expand international economic and technological cooperation, and vigorously introduce advanced foreign technology, either through joint ventures or cooperation, or through technology purchase. Select manufacturers of well-known international brands to establish a joint product development and research organization.
3. Actively promote professional production, change the disadvantages of being large and complete, lacking high, precise, and cutting-edge, improve the quality of key parts and components, and take the creation of world-famous brand products as the goal of the struggle. Establish a quality policy of high-quality, high-efficiency, excellence, sincere service, and global reputation. Track the world's advanced technologies, increase scientific and technological investment, strengthen research and development combining production, learning, and research, highlight independent technological innovation, accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and accelerate the upgrading of injection molding machine products.

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