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Application of PET bottles in hot-filled beverages

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Due to the safety and economy of PET bottles produced by injection molding machines, they have been widely used today when fruit juice beverages and tea beverages have become mainstream beverage products.

 1. The special quality requirements of the hot filling process for PET bottles
The heat resistance of the bottle is better. It is necessary to overcome the influence of hot liquid (high temperature) on the shape of the bottle: high temperature makes the bottle soft, and high temperature and hot liquid cause high pressure in the bottle. It is better to control the volume shrinkage rate between 1% and 1.5% at high temperature (85℃~90℃).
The bottle must be able to withstand negative pressure. It is necessary to overcome the negative pressure generated in the bottle after the liquid is cooled; the bottle wall shrinks (the side wall of the bottle is deformed when the negative pressure contracts, etc.).

PET bottles

2. Blowing method for hot-filled PET bottles
Step 1: After the produced preform is crystallized on the bottle mouth by the crystallization furnace, it is directly blown into the bottle with a high temperature mold. Advantages: high output, convenient for mass production. Disadvantages: The high temperature resistance is poor, and the high temperature resistance decreases significantly with the extension of time, and the storage time cannot be too long.
Step 2: After the produced preform is crystallized on the bottle mouth by the crystallization furnace, two sets of molds are used to complete the hot-filling blow molding. First use the first larger-volume mold (low-temperature mold) to stretch and blow the preform into a super-large-volume bottle; then send the bottle into a heating furnace for heat treatment (eliminate the internal stress caused by stretching); After it is finished, it is sent to a hot mold (a mold with the final required volume), and the bottle is further heat-treated (to increase the crystallinity of the bottle body), shaped, and finally blown into a bottle of the required shape and size. Advantages: the bottle has better high temperature resistance and long storage time. Disadvantages: low output is not suitable for large-scale production.

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