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Application range and advantages of injection molding machine manipulator

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With the continuous improvement of the auxiliary equipment of the injection molding machine, the injection molding machine has become more automated and intelligent. Here, LISONG Machinery will introduce you the application scope and application advantages of the injection molding machine manipulator!

1. Application range of injection molding machine manipulator
With the gradual deepening of the application of the manipulator, inserts are placed, the product glue port is cut and simple assembly. Injection molding machine manipulators are extremely popular in industries such as automobiles, communications, electronics, electrical, home appliances, medical care, cosmetics, daily necessities, and office supplies.

injection molding machine manipulator
2. Application advantages of injection molding machine manipulator
2.1. Manpower saving: The manipulator replaces manual pickup, which directly saves a labor force. According to the mold structure, one employee can also watch multiple injection molding machines at the same time.
2.2. Time-saving: It takes 3 seconds to open the door of the injection molding machine to take the parts manually, and it takes 4-5 seconds to add the water inlet. It only takes 1-2 seconds to use the manipulator, and the efficiency is increased by nearly 3 times.
2.3. Save money: In view of the injection molding production environment, most companies are difficult to recruit and have high mobility, and the robot can work continuously, which saves the company's labor wages and employee management costs.
2.4. High security: manual operations in the injection molding industry generally have repeated single tasks, which are prone to work paralysis, moodiness, lack of concentration, missed products, often die phenomenon, and even cause work injuries. Robots are used to replace manual labor. Solve this hidden danger in production!
2.5. High productivity: The time of manual picking cannot be accurately controlled, the time is fast and the time is slow, and the people are inert, the actual working time of employees can only reach about 80%, and the production cycle of the robot is stable, which can reduce the product defect rate and also Accurately estimate the daily production capacity, determine the order delivery time, and improve the overall production efficiency and corporate image.
2.6. High return: The use of manipulators is a one-time investment, which can be paid back in a short time (usually 8-12 months, depending on the injection molded product) by saving labor, increasing production capacity, and reducing defect rates, and can be obtained for a long time Benefit returns.

The above is some introduction about the manipulator of the injection molding machine, I hope it can help you!

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