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Apply this secret technology to improve the injection molding machine

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More than 80% of the overall energy consumption of the injection molding machine is concentrated in the drive system, which has the greatest potential for energy saving. In the domestic market where the technology of all electric injection molding machine is not mature, reducing the energy consumption of power drive system is an important direction of energy saving development of injection molding machine.

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At present, hydraulic injection molding machine is still the main model in the market. Although the hydraulic injection molding machine has simple structure, convenient debugging, low cost, and has unique advantages in forming complex shape, precision products and so on. But at the same time, the machine also has many inevitable defects, such as high energy consumption, high noise, difficult control, low control accuracy, etc. it is the "short board" of hydraulic injection molding machine. According to relevant reports, the power consumption of the hydraulic control oil pump accounts for 50% - 65% of the total power consumption of the whole equipment. It can be said that the driving system of the injection molding machine determines its production efficiency and cost to a certain extent.
In today's "green wind" of energy saving and emission reduction, the pursuit of more energy-saving and more efficient injection molding machine control system has become the goal of many manufacturers. At present, the research on energy-saving technology of full hydraulic injection molding machine mainly focuses on proportional variable pump system and variable frequency hydraulic control system of injection molding machine. Based on the traditional injection molding machine, the energy-saving technology changes the widely used proportional control system composed of quantitative pump and PQ valve, and uses the proportional variable pump system of proportional load sensitive control oil pump. The flow required by the system is changed from valve control to pump control, and the huge energy-saving effect is realized.

Generally speaking, the energy-saving transformation of the servo motor of injection molding machine can be invested by the enterprise itself, or entrusted to a third-party energy-saving service enterprise in the form of energy management contract. According to the motor power of the original injection molding machine before the transformation, the government will give certain subsidies. All investment for energy-saving transformation will be recovered within 1-2 years after the completion of the project. This kind of efficient industrial transformation is the significance of Green China.

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