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Classification of special manipulators for injection molding machines

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The manipulators often used in injection molding machines can generally be divided into the following three types according to their functions:

1. Simple injection manipulator:
Simple injection manipulators can be divided into two types: fixed mode program type and variable program type. The fixed-program injection molding machine manipulator cannot change its working program. It has a retractable and movable arm and uses automatic control devices to perform simple, specification and repetitive actions; the working program of the variable-program injection molding machine manipulator can be changed, generally Pneumatic or hydraulic, its structure is simple, it is relatively easy to change the program, and it is mostly used for point control. In recent years, programmable controllers or microcomputers are commonly used to form control systems, which expands its application range.

2. Memory reproduction type injection manipulator:
This kind of manipulator has the ability to memorize and change the program. It is mostly electro-hydraulic servo-driven, has more degrees of freedom, and can perform more complex manipulations.

Injection molding machine manipulator
3. Intelligent injection manipulator:
This kind of manipulator is controlled by a computer through various sensors. It has visual, tactile and thermal functions and can perform various operations. It is the most capable manipulator and is currently less used in China. Edit this paragraph 3. The composition of the special manipulator for injection molding machine The composition of the special manipulator for injection molding machine generally consists of an execution system, a drive system, and a control system.

The hand of the special manipulator for injection molding machine is used to directly grab the parts of injection molded products. Due to the differences in the shape, size, weight and surface characteristics of injection molded products, there are also various types of injection manipulators. The common ones are the above. To learn more about injection molding machines, please leave a message online we.

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