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Design standards for cooling systems in plastic molds

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In mold design, in order to shorten the molding cycle of the mold, improve production efficiency, and ensure product quality, mold cooling is essential. The commonly used media for mold cooling include cold water, warm water, oil temperature, etc., not all molds need to be designed for cooling For water transportation, some molds also need to be heated. This is because the molding process of each plastic material is different, resulting in the temperature of the mold being different. Here are some water transportation design standards to share with you, and I hope to bring you some Enlightenment:

1. The design principle of cooling system: large mold cold glue position; small mold cold inner mold. More than 4 (mm) away from the row position insert or penetration position at the water side. 8~10, 10~12, 12~16 (mm) above the edge of the glue position when transporting water. 3, 4, 5 (mm) from the side of the water transport to the thimble, inserts, and screws (mm) from the side of the steel material: M6, M8, 11mm; M10, M12, 14mm. The distance between two parallel water transport centers is ≥25mm.

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2. Commonly used water pipes have diameters of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. Among them, the diameter of 6mm pipes is not commonly used. After cooling water is passed into the mold, the mold is easy to rust during mold production. The smaller the water diameter, it is not convenient to clean.

3. Commonly used forms of water transportation include circular water transportation, water tank transportation, fountain water transportation, spiral water transportation, combined water transportation, etc. The surrounding water transportation is suitable for some products with different heights. When designing this kind of water transportation, The distance between the inlet and outlet of the water is (3-5) times the diameter of the water transport, and the distance between the water transport and the glue position is 1.5 times the diameter of the water transport. When designing the rear mold to transport the water, pay attention to the large screws of the rear mold.

4. In the mold design, due to the needs of product structure and function, many products have large pillars inside, and the pillars are very deep. We are bound to design these pillars as inserts, and we generally cool this kind of column inserts. There are two special cooling methods: one is circular water transport and the other is spiral water transport. When designing this kind of water transport, it should be noted that the cross-sectional area of ​​the water transport pipes is basically the same everywhere.

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