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Development and production analysis of injection molding products

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In an environment where the economic situation is not so optimistic, the plastic industry as a traditional processing industry seems to be little affected by it. In the future, there may be a high probability that it will also be affected in terms of supply and demand. The injection molding industry belongs to the plastics industry. In the plastics industry, plastic particles of various components, as long as they are combined, form a variety of mixed functional chemical substances. In this environment, chemical plastic products are subject to the supply of raw materials and market demand, and many new products have been developed to meet the needs of an increasingly rich life.

New products have new performance and characteristics, no matter which characteristics they are, they are calculated accurately before development. In other words, it was as smooth and smooth as if there was a rehearsal beforehand. Many people develop products that are resistant to high temperature and abrasion. These are the characteristics they need for the product. Gradually, these products are familiar to many people, and gradually integrated into people's lives. Even though many of us have never used these products before, after you have used them, there will be no need to do so, let alone when you will be excited. These products must have been endowed with some magic power to make people never forget them.

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Injection molding factories always have products of one kind or another that have already been developed. Companies like this can reduce development time and improve efficiency when people use these mature products. The company's experienced injection molding processing cases include many connectors, charging guns and protective shells, among which, for example, new energy vehicle charging guns include: AC car charging guns, low-voltage car charging guns, and high-voltage car charging guns. For example, new energy connectors: HVP three-core connector protective cover, HVP three-core in-line lock connector, HVP single-core in-line shielded connector. Another example is the new energy battery shell: the soft pack power battery protective shell. Therefore, the experience of injection molding can be seen from this.

Lisong Machinery has many years of experience in processing and injection molding. It can be said that the research and development of certain products has reached the point where practice makes perfect. It contains the charging guns, connectors and other product cases mentioned above. In terms of the company's team, the company's masters and engineers also have many years of valuable work experience in injection molding. In the face of various emergencies, you can face it calmly, face and solve it without rush or slowness. For example, product injection defects. Our team uses high-precision advanced equipment in mold processing to minimize tolerances.

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