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Development of micro-injection process technology

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Under the premise that the current market is becoming more and more diversified, the injection molding industry is also constantly developing and expanding. New processes such as multi-color injection molding, gas assist, in-mold filming, and co-injection molding have emerged. Similarly, the specifications of injection molding machines are also developing in two directions-large-tonnage injection molding machines and micro injection molding machines are constantly being updated.

In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for micro-products. Whether in the electronics industry, the watch industry or the military industry, there is a large demand for small injection molded parts. These injection molded products have very high requirements on size and accuracy.

LS200PET injection molding machine

Micro-injection molding usually has two trends in mold processing: the first is to use mirror spark machining. In order to ensure high precision, it is best to use graphite electrodes for EDM because the loss of graphite electrodes is higher than that of ordinary copper electrodes. Much smaller.

The second more commonly used processing method is to use electroforming. The electroforming process can ensure very high accuracy, but the disadvantage is that the processing cycle is long, each hole must be processed independently, and if there is a slight damage in the production, it cannot be repaired. , Can only replace damaged acupuncture points.

In terms of molds, mold temperature is also a very important parameter for micro-injection. In the face of high-end customers, the current common practice is to borrow the concept of the high-gloss injection molding field and introduce a rapid heating and cooling system.

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