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High-speed injection molding machine is also called or fast machine

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A high-speed injection molding machine is a hydraulic injection molding machine. It can be designed as a single-cylinder or a double-cylinder, and it runs faster than ordinary machines. The high-speed injection molding machine uses a servo motor to open and close the mold, eject the mold, and store the raw materials. Wait, the operation speed is fast and precise, which greatly improves or improves the production environment and production efficiency.

In application, many customers will ask to buy "high-speed machine" or "fast machine", which is actually the same name, called high-speed injection molding machine. In addition to the needs of the product itself, most of the machines have to shorten the molding cycle and improve The output per unit time reduces production costs and improves competitiveness. This machine can be used on thin products such as car connectors, mobile phone connectors, waterproof plug encapsulation, etc., usually to make the speed fast, to achieve the above purpose, there are several ways:

high-speed injection molding machine
1 Speed ​​up the injection speed: increase the motor and pump, or add a pressure accumulator (preferably closed loop control);
2 Speed ​​up the feeding speed: increase the motor and pump, or reduce the feeding hydraulic motor, and use a small diameter screw to speed up the screw speed;
3 Multi-circuit system: adopts double-circuit or three-circuit design, (single cylinder) to perform compound actions simultaneously to shorten the molding time;
4 Increase the mold waterway to improve the cooling efficiency of the mold;

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