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Horizontal injection molding machine structure and working principle

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The injection molding machine is a special equipment that combines the thermal processing characteristics of plastics and the principle of metal melting and die casting.

1. What is the working principle of the injection molding machine?
Injection molding is to use the thermal physical properties of plastics to add materials from a hopper to a barrel. The outside of the barrel is heated by a heating ring to melt the material. The barrel is equipped with a screw driven by an external power motor. The material is sheared by the screw. Gradually plasticize, melt and homogenize under the double action of the screw. When the screw rotates, the material pushes the melted material to the head of the screw under the action of the friction and shear force of the falling groove. At the same time, the screw is in the material Retreat under the reaction of the screw, so that the head of the screw forms a storage space to complete the plasticization process. Then, under the inference of the injection cylinder piston, the screw injects the molten material in the storage chamber into the mold cavity through the nozzle at high speed and high pressure. After the molten material in the cavity is pressure-maintained, cooled, solidified and shaped, the mold is opened by the clamping mechanism, and the shaped product is ejected from the mold through the ejector device.
 injection molding machine
Second, the composition structure analysis of the injection molding machine
According to the requirements of the injection molding process, the injection molding machine is a machine with strong mechatronics, which is mainly composed of injection parts, clamping parts, fuselage, hydraulic system, heating system, control system, feeding device, etc. At present, common ear injection devices have single-cylinder type and double-cylinder type. There are two types of plasticized parts: plunger type and screw type. In the continuous pushing process of the rotating screw, the plastic realizes the change of the physical state, and finally is injected into the mold cavity in the molten state. Therefore, the plasticized component is the core component for uniform plasticization and quantitative injection.

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