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How do i use plastic injection molding machine?

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Injection molding is one of the most common manufacturing processes in the industry. This is done by injecting plastic into the mold. The operation method of most injection molding machines is the same, but due to operator error, it may cause malfunction.

LS258G6 Injection Molding Machine
How to use injection molding machine?
1. Place the mold on the injection molding machine. Align the nozzle on the machine with the channel on the mold through which the molten plastic flows.
2. Put the injection material into the injection machine, and then turn on the heater to melt the material. The heater will melt the plastic and heat the mold so that the injected material flows completely through it without solidifying.
3. Turn off all safety protection devices on the machine to avoid spilling materials.
4. Use the hydraulic device on the injection molding machine to clamp the mold. This will ensure that the material does not leak out of the mold.
5. Set the injection pressure on the injection molding machine. This should also be determined during the design of parts and molds.
6. Press the injection button to burn the material into the mold. Remove the mold from the injection molding machine, and remove the part after the mold has cooled enough for processing.

Injection molding material may splash. Always wear work clothes and other safety clothing.

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