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How do Pakistani users operate plastic injection molding machines?

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Recently, a Pakistani customer inquired about how to operate and use PET injection molding machine from LISONG mechanical technicians. Below we will analyze according to the following points:

How does the PET injection molding machine operate?

1. The action program of the PET injection molding machine: injection station advance → injection → pressure holding → pre-plastic bai → retraction → injection station loosening and retreat → cooling → mold opening → ejection → needle withdrawal → door opening → door closing → mold closing → injection station go ahead.

2. PET injection molding machine operation project: The injection molding machine operation project includes three aspects: control keyboard operation, electrical control cabinet operation and hydraulic system operation. The selection of injection process action, feeding action, injection pressure, injection speed, ejection type, temperature, current, and voltage monitoring of each section of the barrel, adjustment of injection pressure and back pressure, etc. are performed respectively.

PET Injection Molding Machine
3. PET injection molding machine injection process action selection: general injection molding machine can be operated manually, semi-automatically and fully automatically. Manual operation is in a production cycle, each action is realized by the operator flipping the operation switch. Generally, it is only used when the test machine adjusts the mold; in the semi-automatic operation, the machine can automatically complete a work cycle, but after each production cycle, the operator must open the safety door, remove the workpiece, and then close the safety door before the machine can continue. A cycle of production; in fully automatic operation, the injection molding machine can automatically enter the next work cycle after completing a work cycle.

4. PET injection molding machine injection pressure selection: the injection pressure of the injection molding machine is adjusted by the pressure regulating valve. Under the condition of adjusting the pressure, the high and low pressure oil circuits are turned on and off to control the injection pressure in the early and late stages. In large-scale injection molding machines, there are often multi-stage injection pressure and multi-stage injection speed control functions, which can better ensure the quality and accuracy of products.

5. Selection of injection speed of PET injection molding machine: Generally, there are fast-slow knobs on the control panel of injection molding machine to meet the requirements of injection speed. In the hydraulic system, a large-flow oil pump and a small-flow pump are operated to supply oil at the same time. When the oil circuit is connected to a large flow, the injection molding machine realizes rapid mold opening and closing, rapid injection, etc., when the hydraulic oil circuit only provides a small flow, various actions of the injection molding machine proceed slowly.
PET Injection Molding Machine
6. The temperature control of the PET injection molding machine: the temperature measuring thermocouple is used as the temperature measuring element, and the computer temperature control board is used as the temperature control device to control the on and off of the current of the barrel and the mold electric heating ring, and selectively fix each section of the barrel Temperature and mold temperature.

7. How to control the mold clamping of the PET injection molding machine: mold clamping is to close the mold tightly with a huge mechanical thrust to resist the huge opening force of the mold caused by the high pressure injection of molten plastic during the injection molding process and the filling of the mold. Each travel switch gives a signal, and the mold clamping action starts immediately.

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