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How does the injection molding machine inject molding?

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Injection molding machine injection molding (injection molding) is a method to make thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic uniformly plasticized in a heating barrel, and then pushed into a closed mold cavity by a plunger or a moving screw to form a plastic part.

What is the basic principle of injection molding machine?
The principle of injection molding of the injection molding machine is to take advantage of the extrudability and moldability of plastics to send loose pellets or powdered molding plastics from the hopper of the injection molding machine into a high-temperature barrel to heat, melt and plasticize, making it The viscous liquid melt is driven by the high pressure of the plunger or screw, and injected at a large flow rate through the nozzle at the front of the barrel into the closed mold cavity with a lower temperature. After a period of pressure-holding cooling and setting time, the mold is opened. The plastic part with a certain shape and size can be taken out from the cavity.

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Which plastics are suitable for injection molding by injection molding machines?
Injection molding is suitable for almost all thermoplastics, as well as some thermosetting plastics. And the injection molding cycle is short (a few seconds to a few minutes), and it can also realize fully automated and mass production. Therefore, this method has strong adaptability and high production efficiency, and is currently the main plastic molding method.

What are the common injection molding machines for injection molding?
 Injection molding is mainly divided into: exhaust injection molding, flow injection molding, co-injection molding, hot runner injection molding, reaction injection molding, gas-assisted injection molding and water-assisted injection molding, precision injection molding, micro-injection molding, micro-hole injection Molding, vibration injection molding, in-mold decoration injection molding, injection molding of thermosetting plastics.

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