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How does the PET preform mold be made?

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At present, most of the PET preforms on the market have a large neck and a small bottom. The main components of the PET preform mold include a core and a cavity. The cavity is a whole, and the mold structure is relatively simple, but for some necks Ministry is small.

PET preform mold
How does the PET preform mold be made?
1. Choosing a good mold design company can avoid many mold structural changes in the later period
2. Because the plastic of this product is relatively hard, pay attention to the higher pressure. Therefore, the choice of hard steel material can guarantee the long-term stable operation of the mold.
3. It is best to choose automatic tool change during mold CNC lathe processing, so that from rough machining to finishing can ensure that the accuracy will not deviate, and it is best to go to a constant temperature workshop for processing.
PET preform molds are generally multi-cavity molds. If SINO molds can achieve uniformity and compatibility, it is the high-precision standard for multi-cavity molds. Preform molds are generally relatively slender, because the flow channel performance of PET is not very good, so it needs to be suspended with a harder steel material, such as S136, etc. This kind of steel material is also more suitable for mirror products.

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