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How much does an injection moulding machine cost?

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An injection molding machine price depends on the size, manufacturer, age, and auxiliaries etc.

1.Injection molding machine size:

The bigger ones are more expensive. The small ones around one hundred tons of clamping force are more affordable. If you can buy a car, you can buy an IMM machine.In the scope above thousand tons, you can have one for a comfortable house's price, at least in my country.

2.Injection molding machine manufacturer
Fully electric machines from a Japanese manufacturer need a significantly higher budget than Chinese hydraulic or hybrid machines.LI SONG professional provide the plastic injection molding machine.Factory direct sales, quality assurance, and price concessions.

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3.Injection molding machine age
In theory, you can have a cheaper second-hand machine. In real life, if you cannot afford a decent new machine, you will struggle to survive with old ones as the spare parts present a fortune, especially if you don't have good mechanics.

4.Injection molding machine auxiliaries
Motor & Drive — starting from a purely hydraulic system, to Variable Displacement Pumps, to Servo Motors and to Fully Electric Machines, there are many options to choose from. Its usually governed by the end use. For instance a low capex investment for commercial household goods like buckets and mugs would go for the cheapest hydraulic machines. A better brand with a deeper pocket would look at VDP or Servo based machines to get cost savings in electricity consumption over a large production volume. Medical companies that need clean room processes require fully electric setups.

The weight of the injection is determined . How many tons decide how large product you can do. Usually,large product means cost more. But you also need think the motor,though the servo motor is expencive than normal,it can save more energy.i suggest sticking to big brands,Lisong Machine is a well-known  injection molding machines manufacturer in China,Exquisite workmanship and reasonable price. Welcome to buy.The manufacturers email:kevin@lisonginc.com .web:http://lisongmachine.com

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