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How much is a injection molding machine in Pakistan?

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How much does the injection molding machine offer? How much is an injection molding machine? It depends on the brand, including LISONG, haitian, toshiba, yizumi, husky, and milacron, Attenfeld, etc. Different brands have different prices. One 1000g injection molding machine for small barrels and washbasins, and another 160 for cups and bowls. If it is a big barrel, it is best to buy 1500g. The price of the old machine is around 40,000 for 160g. , 1000 grams is about 120,000, 1500 grams is about 180,000, the specific price depends on the brand and the inside and appearance of the chassis, the same product configuration is not the same as the price. For example, you have to consider variable pump or fixed pump, whether the screw is standard or special, and do not need to add accessories such as drying hopper.

plastic injection molding machine

How much is a injection molding machine in  Pakistan?
The price of the injection molding machine is really hard to say, the new and the old, the big and the small, there are many brands, such as Japanese, Korean, Taiwan, and domestic brands (TOYO, Sodick) , JSW injection molding machine (JSW), Fanuc injection molding machine (Fanuc), etc. The price is also different. Injection molding machines are also divided according to the weight of the injected product, and according to the station. Of course, the price It's not the same, there are brands, wait, there are from tens of thousands to millions! Generally, from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands, the exact price can be known only by looking at the injection capacity.

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