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How to buy second-hand injection molding machine?

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In recent years, customers buying second-hand injection molding machines in the market are more common. The circulation of second-hand injection molding machines in the market not only increases the utilization rate of injection molding machines, but also speeds up corporate capital turnover.

However, in the actual operation process, due to various reasons, such problems occurred after the customer bought it back, causing undue losses to the customer. After some customers bought the second-hand injection molding machine, the injection molding machine failed continuously. To give full play to actual production efficiency, what's more, customers bought "dark goods" because of low prices, not only their own money was lost, but also legal responsibility.

second-hand injection molding machines
In order for customers to buy an ideal second-hand injection molding machine, it is recommended to start from the following three aspects:
1: Look, to see whether the injection molding machine is the brand of a major manufacturer. Generally, the quality of the injection molding machine of a major manufacturer and the after-sales accessories are relatively guaranteed; just like a second-hand car, the production date of the injection molding machine is generally in the electrical cabinet of the machine. Factory information is posted everywhere, followed by the main parts.

For example, high-pressure hoses, PLC controllers, servo motors, hydraulic valve blocks, etc. will also have factory information for each component; look at the degree of newness of the machine, whether there is too much dust in the electric cabinet, and many parts are rusted seriously. Wear and tear of key components, such as mold clamping guides, coring posts, templates, barrels, and screws.

2: Ask, ask whether the customer is a first-hand device, whether it has the manufacturer’s certificate, invoice and other information.

3: Test is to actually start the machine and check the performance of the main parameters of the injection molding machine. Based on years of experience, I have summarized a file to show the test steps. Next, the linearity of the clamping force and the linearity of the injection speed are two Introduce how to test the performance of the second-hand injection molding machine and evaluate the actual state of the second-hand injection molding machine, so as not to meet the expectations of buying it later. If there is a national standard for the tolerance range, refer to the national standard; if there is no national standard, refer to the standard of a certain enterprise.

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