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How to choose a vertical injection molding machine suitable for you?

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Vertical injection molding machines can be divided into the following categories.

1. Vertical injection molding machine series:
This model is mainly aimed at injection molding of connecting wires, various electronics, computer data cables, and power plug wires. The standard requirements for injection molded products are not high. Generally, injection molding of plastic materials such as PVC and PE is the leading factor, which is suitable for specific products Applicable model specifications generally range from 15T to 35T. Due to the specific modulus and configuration of each manufacturer’s model, the manufacturer must be required to confirm the specific parameters and specifications of the model before purchasing.

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2. Vertical and horizontal injection molding machine, C-type injection molding machine series:
This machine has a vertical mold clamping and a horizontal injection molding machine. It is named because there is no guide pillar and the mold clamping part has an English letter "C". The machine has a complex structure and large injection volume. Because of its wide working area without guide posts, it is mainly suitable for injection molding of various safety plugs, such as French plugs, American plugs, British plugs, Korean plugs, and Japanese plugs.

3. Vertical single slide type injection molding machine, Delibao double slide type injection molding machine series:
This machine is mainly for engineering plastics. The products have strict precision requirements. Precision or tiny inserts are injection molded together. It is also one of the optimized injection molding solutions for inserts. Because the machine has the upper mold fixed, the lower mold slide out function. The double sliding plate type has an upper mold and a double lower mold, and the two molds work alternately, which is more suitable for embedding or taking out precision hardware. General molded products, such as electronic precision connectors, mobile phone connectors, integrated circuit components, etc.

The injection molding machine can complete the injection operation, but when the staff use it, the following points should also be noted, so as to ensure the safety of the production process and personal safety.

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