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How to choose the right injection molding machine for my project?

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Injection molding can be performed by multiple types of machines using different techniques. The choice of machine is an important part of planning an injection project and helps determine the types of materials and molding techniques available.

An injection molding machine has two main parts, the injection unit and the clamping unit, but the working method of each part varies with the type of machine.

Relevant factors that customers need to consider when choosing an injection molding machine:
1. Energy source
Hydraulic-The most common in injection molding machines, they are driven by hydraulic pumps and fixed speed motors.
Electric-functions are digitally controlled and powered by electric servo motors.
Hybrid-also known as servo hydraulic machines, they have hydraulic power and on-demand electric motors.
Comparison function of injection molding machine
The choice of specific products and materials will affect your machine choice, but some of the more general features to be evaluated include:

Injection molding machine
2. Clamping force
Hybrid machines provide the maximum clamping force, but pure hydraulic machines are also very suitable for producing larger products.

3. Speed
The production speed of parts may affect the choice of machine. Electric injection molding machines often provide the fastest production speeds.

4. Material selection
The choice of materials may limit your choice of machine. Hydraulic presses usually require higher molding temperatures, so not all resins are suitable for use with them.

5. Mold size and design
Ensure that the injection molding machine is of sufficient size to accommodate the required mold. Hybrid and electric motors provide the most flexible design options.

6. Hydraulic accumulator
The accumulator helps provide consistency and stability during the injection process, which is especially needed for thin-walled projects.

Not sure to choose the right machine for your project? We have machines, expertise and decades of experience, so please contact us immediately to find out how we can help.

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