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How to control the injection temperature of a thin-walled injection molding machine?

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1. How to control the injection temperature of a thin-walled injection molding machine:
Flux temperature is very important, cylinder temperature is only a guide. The glue temperature can be measured at the nozzle, and the temperature setting of the cylinder can be measured by air injection. The temperature setting depends on the melt temperature, screw speed, back pressure, injection volume and injection. For ease of control, the flask is divided into several parts, and all parts are set at the same temperature. When operating for a long time or operating at high temperatures, setting the temperature to a lower value can prevent premature melting and diversion of the plastic. Thin-wall injection molding machine-Before the injection part starts, make sure that the hydraulic oil, funnel sealer, mold and injection cylinder are at the correct temperature.

2. Thin-wall injection molding machine-melting temperature:
The fluidity of the melting temperature can play a major role. The melting temperature does not have a specific melting point. The melting point is called the plastic structure and composition of different molecular chains under melting conditions, which affect the fluidity of different molecular chains. Thin wall injection molding machine-vertical injection molding machine, thin wall injection molding machine-precision injection molding machine.

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3. Thin-wall injection molding machine-mold temperature:
Some plastic materials require a higher mold temperature due to their high crystallization temperature and slow crystallization speed. Because of the size and deformation of the cost control system or the need for demoulding, a higher temperature or a lower ambient temperature is required, sometimes we need more than 160 degrees. Therefore, the mold design temperature has an inestimable effect on improving the appearance of the company's products and molds.

4. How to control the injection pressure of the temperature of each process of the injection molding process of the thin-wall injection molding machine:
The resistance required by the melt to overcome the advancement directly affects the size and weight deformation of the product. Various plastic products require injection pressure. As materials such as PA, PP, to increase the flow through, it will be a significant pressure improvement. The injection pressure The size of the product determines the density of the product, and the gloss is the appearance. There is no fixed value, and it is more difficult to fill the mold, and the injection pressure is also increased.

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