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How to help customers reduce the cost of plastic molds?

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Today we discuss how to help customers reduce the cost of plastic molds? The establishment of a new project requires a lot of upfront costs, and most customers must strictly control the cost of manufacturing molds. Especially for some new products that are only used to test market feedback. The total amount is not high, so the mold accounts for a large proportion of the total cost. Generally, we provide the following 3 options to help customers reduce mold costs:

5/3 Gallon/Oil / Jar Preform Mold
1: Mold cavity: It is recommended to make one or two mold cavities, which can reduce the size of the mold and reduce the cost, but the unit price will be higher. Suitable for small batches;
2: Replace the mold cavity: If the structure and size of the parts are similar, such as plastic top cover and bottom cover, it is recommended to make only one mold base for these products, and then make a new mold cavity for each product, and then replace the mold The cavity is mass-produced.
3: Family mold: If the parts are small, then we recommend that all parts be made in a mold called a family mold. All products can be produced together, and since we only build one mold, the cost will be cheaper. But the quality is difficult to control, and it is not suitable for some products with low precision requirements.

If you have any good solutions, please feel free to share your thoughts!

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