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How to maintain the injection molding machine?

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The maintenance of the injection molding machine must be done by professionals. If it is a non-professional person or without the permission of a professional maintenance person, the mold shall not be disassembled for maintenance.

In addition, if a small failure occurs during the production process, the regulator can be resolved according to the situation. For example, you should use a copper needle to knock out the glue button and mold on the feeding port, and do not use steel needles and other hard objects to knock the mold.

There is a slight mildew stain in the mold cavity. The polishing material can be selected according to the surface finish of the cavity. Do not use polishing materials such as sandpaper on textured surfaces. Usually, a copper brush dipped in diamond slurry or diamond mortar is used for scrubbing, and it is done by professional maintenance personnel.

Injection Molding Machine
The product sticks to the mold. Usually, the product and the ejected part are wrapped in hot plastic and ejected after cooling. If it is burned with fire, care should be taken not to damage the surface of the mold.

When the professional is repairing the mold, the mold structure cannot be changed at will, and the modification of the structure requires the approval of the quality engineering department.

To ensure the quality of maintenance, please choose appropriate equipment, materials, tools and methods to solve the problem and complete it as soon as possible.More information about the injection molding machine, please pay attention to the LISONG machine.

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