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How to make a quotation for injection molding?

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For companies engaged in injection molding machine processing, although technological innovation is necessary, companies should also pay attention to the quotation of injection molding processing. In order to ensure the benefits, it is very important to correctly quote the injection molding process. So, how do companies correctly quote injection molding processing?

What is the quotation for injection molding?

Injection molding cost accounting:
1. Consumption acquisition coefficient
(1) Water can be added: 2%—5%
(2) No nozzle material can be added, weight of single-mode nozzle/(single-mode nozzle + finished product) +2%—5%
Can the sprue material be returned to the processing owner, otherwise the sprue material will be discounted, and the order quantity must be referred to.

2. Tonnage price
(1) 150 tons: 800-1000 yuan/day
(2) 20 tons: 600-800/day.

Injection Molding Machine
The specific situation depends on the number of operators to make a specific quotation.

Factors affecting the cost of plastic parts:
It is related to many factors, but mainly composed of the following points:
1. Raw material cost: The cost provided by each supplier is different. After hanging the supplier, understand the unit price of the unit material, and multiply the weight of the product by the 3% loss and then multiply it by the raw material price. Get the raw material cost.
2. Secondary processing costs: secondary processing costs include painting/screen printing/electroplating, etc. These costs need to be consulted with the processing factory.
3. Packaging cost: According to the size and volume of the plastic parts, the cost of packaging cartons/bags can be calculated.
4. Transportation cost: The transportation cost can be obtained by multiplying the cost of one loading by the number of vehicles loaded.
5. Other costs: Because the above costs do not include the costs of indirect personnel and related personnel, some costs should be added according to the different conditions of each plant.
6. Profit: The total cost of plastic parts is multiplied by a profit coefficient of 10-30% to get the final cost of plastic parts. The profit must be set according to the situation of each factory and the size of the order.

Injection molding processing quotation:
According to the different equipment used in injection molding processing, the quotations are also different:
1. Quotation formula for injection molding
(1) Product unit price
Product unit price = material price + processing cost material cost
Product unit price = (actual weight + loss) * material unit price processing cost
Product unit price = molding cycle * unit price (seconds) ÷ number of holes (that is, the price of each piece)
If special packaging is required, the cost of packaging must be added.

(2) Material price
Material price = PP or ABS direct use price x product weight

Color parts can be calculated according to the price of raw materials, while black parts can be calculated according to specific return materials or product requirements. The processing cost is related to the number of mold cavities, the molding cycle and the product weight; the machine can calculate how much per second based on the tonnage, but if the mold has a large number of cavities, heavy weight, and short molding cycle, the processing cost is low and the unit price is low.

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