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Important knowledge points of injection molding machine screw

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The Injection molding machine screw is the key part of the plasticized part, and it is in direct contact with the plastic. The effective length of the plastic through the screw groove has to undergo a three-state (glass state, viscoelastic state, viscous flow state) after a long thermal history. The length, geometry, and geometric parameters of each functional section of the screw will directly affect the delivery efficiency and plasticization quality of the plastic, and will ultimately affect the injection molding cycle and product quality.

According to its adaptability to plastic, injection screw can be divided into general screw and special screw. General-purpose screw, also known as conventional screw, can process most thermoplastic plastics with low and medium viscosity, crystalline and non-crystalline civil plastics and engineering plastics. It is the most basic form of screw.

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Correspondingly, there are special screws, which are used to process plastics that are difficult to process with ordinary screws, such as thermosetting plastics, polyvinyl chloride, and high-viscosity PMMA screws. According to the characteristics of the screw structure and geometric shape, it can be divided into conventional Screw and new type screw.

Conventional screw, also known as three-section screw, is the basic form of screw. There are many new types of screws, mainly including separation type screw, split type screw, wavy screw, horizontal screw, non-metering section screw, two-stage chlorine discharge screw, strong mixing type screw and so on.

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