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Introduction to PP materials used in plastic molds

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Today Lisong Machinery introduces a material that is often used in plastic mold factories, and this material was discovered by some companies in Dongguan yesterday that it can also be used as a material for making masks. This material is used in plastic molds. The PP material is also called polypropylene.

As a thermoplastic polymer, polypropylene (PP) began commercial production in 1957 and was the first of the stereoregular polymers. Its historical significance is more reflected in the fact that it has always been the fastest-growing major thermoplastic, and its total world production reached 24 billion pounds in 1991. It has a very wide range of applications in the field of thermoplastics, especially in fiber and filament, film extrusion, injection molding and so on.

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Chemistry and properties, PP is synthesized with a metal organic stereoregular catalyst (Ziegler-Natta type), which enables propylene monomer to be synthesized under controlled temperature and pressure conditions. Due to different catalysts and polymerization processes, the molecular structure of the obtained polymer has three different types of stereochemical structures, and the number is also different. These three structures refer to isotactic polymers, syndiotactic polymers and random polymers. In isotactic polypropylene (the most common commercial form), the methyl groups are all on the same side of the polymer backbone, and this structure is easy to form a crystalline state. The crystallinity of the isotactic form gives it good resistance to solvents and heat. The catalyst technology used during the first ten years minimizes the formation of non-isotactic isomers, eliminates the need to separate the worthless random components, and simplifies the production steps.

This material is environmentally friendly and can be used as a material for the production of masks. It is now one of the most popular materials in the injection molding industry. For more information about injection molding machines or plastic molds, please leave us a message.

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