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Is your injection molding machine well maintained?

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Today, LISONG Machinery is talking about some precautions for the maintenance of the injection molding machine in winter. If you want to keep your favorite machine in the best working condition for a long time, the maintenance of the injection molding machine is essential, and you need to treat it like your own car. Frequent maintenance.

In daily production, diligent maintenance of the injection molding machine helps to improve production efficiency. Regular maintenance can also extend the service life of the injection molding machine to save company costs, reduce or avoid accidents, and eliminate safety hazards.

The daily maintenance of the injection molding machine mainly needs to pay attention to the following two aspects:

First, the preparations before starting work
1. Check whether there are obstacles around the equipment and strengthen self-safety protection awareness;
2. The oil filling situation of each part of the machine, check the oil level of the oil tank, and not exceed the upper and lower limits;
3. Check whether each part is normal before starting the equipment:
①Check whether the safety door and travel switch are normal and whether they are damaged
②Check whether the operation control panel buttons and screen are normal
③Check whether the oil level of the hydraulic oil tank is within the limit and whether the oil temperature is normal
④Check whether the barrel is abnormal, visually check whether the connection line is loose, and keep the barrel clean
⑤Check whether the hopper is clean. When changing materials, check whether there is dirt or debris in the hopper to prevent blocking the barrel;

injection molding machine
Second, start the equipment to check the operating status of the machine:
①Start the machine, open the safety door to check whether the clamping action will be terminated, and check whether the crank action is normal
②Check whether the shooting action is normal and whether there is oil leakage in the tubing
③Check whether the heat dissipation of the electric box is normal, dust, dirt, and temperature will affect the life of the electric system
④Check whether the cooler is cooling normally, and whether the cooling water pipe is leaking

Third, finishing get off work before work:
1. Remember to turn off the power before leaving get off work;
2. Use a rag and brush to clean the dust and oil stains of the machine to increase the service life of the equipment;
3. After the machine is cleaned, all tools are returned to their positions, and the work surface is cleaned before leaving the job;

Daily maintenance is only part of the maintenance work of injection molding machines. There are weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance, quarterly maintenance, and semi-annual maintenance, etc. Good maintenance work can help companies greatly save costs in the long run.

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