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Liquid silicone injection molding machine maintenance steps

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Liquid silicone injection molding machine need frequent maintenance to prevent sudden mechanical failures and avoid chain mechanical failures. LISONG is one of the most professional and experienced manufacturers of vertical plastic injection machines in China. 

What is the daily maintenance steps of liquid silicone injection molding machine?
1. If the air pressure is abnormal or water vapor is found, it is necessary to remove the water vapor in the pressure regulating filter or check whether the air pressure is abnormal.

2. The machine part should be wiped clean regularly to increase the service life. The more the amount of glue mixed together, the faster its reaction and the faster the curing speed, so it should be carried out according to the actual production situation. Reasonable glue allocation.

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3. The machine needs to be unplugged when it is out of service for a long time. This will not only extend the life of the machine, but also save a lot of electricity bills.

4. To replace the glue type, the pipeline needs to be cleaned. First, close the feed valve and open the discharge valve.
After removing the remaining rubber in the rubber bucket, close the discharge valve and open the feed valve, and pour the cleaning solvent into the glue storage. In the barrel, activate the body, and flush the solvent out according to the usual operation method.

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