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Lisong Injection Molding Machine Helps Efficient Production of Respiratory Masks Non-stop for 24 Hours

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Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia, the demand for medical supplies in Hubei, Wuhan and other places has faced a shortage of demand. To meet the urgently needed medical supplies, the support of various industries and the coordination of upstream and downstream supply chains are essential. Recently, the high-end A5S servo injection molding machine of Shanghai Lisong Machinery Co., Ltd. has become an efficient equipment for customers to produce medical supplies.

Companies that use Lisson's high-end A5S servo injection molding machine-Shenzhen Junyue Technology and Hunan Junyue Technology quickly organized production during the Spring Break to help supply Wuhan Leishenshan and Huoshenshan hospitals.
respiratory mask injection molding machine
As key suppliers of Hunan Biyang Medical Co., Ltd. and Lepu Medical Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Junyue Technology and Hunan Junyue Technology have received a large number of orders for breathing mask body holders and atomizers after the outbreak.

In order to meet the needs of epidemic prevention medical institutions as soon as possible, so that patients in Hubei can be treated as soon as possible, Hunan Junyue Technology operates non-stop production materials for 24 hours. The following is a report on the production site of Hunan Junyue Technology by CCTV News Channel:

The main frame of the above breathing mask is injection molded by Lisong's high-end A5S servo injection molding machine. It operates without stopping for 24 hours, and the product qualification rate is as high as 99%. These products have arrived at Leishenshan Hospital and are waiting to be used.

As a machinery and equipment manufacturing company, Lisong has resumed work and production ahead of schedule, assisting customers in the emergency production of products needed for the epidemic with supporting equipment.

Shanghai Lisong Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, focusing on the field of molding equipment manufacturing. It is an equipment supplier integrating design, research and development, production, sales and service. A number of business units have been established such as injection molding machines, die-casting machines, rubber injection molding machines, high-speed packaging systems, and robotic automation integrated systems to achieve diversified development in the field of equipment manufacturing.

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