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Lisong Intelligent Trash Can Special Injection Molding Machine Helps Environmental Protection

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In order to give customers more options for purchasing, individual trash can manufacturers have designed sorted trash cans for household, medical, street, and company use in different occasions. Such large-scale and different types of barrel production requirements will inevitably require injection molding machines that specialize in the production of trash cans. In order to meet the urgent needs of the market, Lisong has launched a special injection molding machine for trash cans. The sanitation trash can produced by the special injection molding machine for Lisong trash cans combines various modern design styles, which is more in line with the needs of modern urban construction, and is practical and decorative.

Square Trash Can injection molding machine

Advantages of Lisong Trash Bin Special Injection Molding Machine:
1. Fast molding cycle-material storage is fast, and the molding cycle is 1/3 faster than ordinary plastic machines;
2. Low electricity bills-standard power distribution pre-plasticizing energy consumption is lower, and electricity costs are 1/3 less than ordinary plastic machines;
3. Less investment-custom-made trash can special injection molding machine, the investment cost is 1/3 less than ordinary plastic machine equipment;
4. Material saving-with the same mold and the same conditions, 100 kilograms of raw materials can make 100 products, and Lisong can make 103 products, saving 3% of raw materials.

Garbage sorting has become the "wind vane" of the entire city. Lisong Plastics Machinery has made sufficient preparations in the early stage to seize business opportunities, and has won praise from partner manufacturers in terms of mechanical equipment quality and later service.

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