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Molding characteristics of ABS in plastic molds

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Today, as a professional high-speed injection molding machine manufacturer, LISONG Machinery will introduce the molding characteristics of ABS in plastic molds.

1. ABS is easy to absorb water, and it should be dried before molding. Plastic parts with high surface gloss requirements should be preheated and dried for a long time.
2. The fluidity is medium, and the overflow value is about 0.04 mm.
  3. The wall thickness and melting temperature have little effect on the shrinkage rate, and the dimensional accuracy of the plastic parts is high.
4. ABS has low specific heat capacity, high plasticization efficiency and fast solidification, so the molding cycle is short.

5. The apparent viscosity of ABS is highly dependent on the shear rate, so point gates are mostly used in mold design.
6. White marks will be left on the surface of the plastic parts when the ejection force is too large or mechanical processing. The demolding angle should be 2° or more.
7. It is easy to produce weld marks. When designing the mold, attention should be paid to minimize the resistance of the pouring system to the material flow.
8. Easy to use high material temperature, high mold temperature and high injection pressure for molding. When high precision of plastic parts is required, the mold temperature can be controlled at 50-60°C, and when the gloss and heat resistance of the plastic parts are emphasized, the mold temperature should be controlled at 60-80°C.

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