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Pakistani customers must know: how to choose an injection molding machine?

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The LISONG injection molding machine has won the favor of more and more Pakistani customers with its excellent technology. For Pakistani customers frequently asked: how to choose injection molding machine? Here we introduce you!

The correct selection of the type and specifications of the injection molding machine before use has a greater impact on the production cost, quality and production efficiency of injection molded products. Before selecting the specifications and models of the injection molding machine, first check the performance parameter values ​​of the injection molding machine in the product manual provided by the injection molding machine manufacturer. These parameter values ​​represent the main performance characteristics of the injection molding machine. According to some technical requirements of the plastic products to be produced: such as the type and brand of raw materials used in the product, the quality (weight) of the product and the external dimensions, etc.] to find the similarity in the manual The parameter values ​​of these parameters correspond to the injection molding machine model to be purchased. At the same time, it is necessary to know whether the working accuracy, speed and product accuracy level of the injection molding machine to be purchased meet the molding conditions of the product.

LS170K Speed Injection Molding Machine
What is the key comparison data in the specifications of the injection molding machine?
The data for comparison includes: the proportional relationship between the quality (or volume) and external dimensions of the injection molded product and the parameter value in the equipment, that is, the proportional relationship between the quality (weight) and the theoretical injection volume (or volume) of the injection molding machine: product length (Height) size and the required conditions between the sum of the size and the thickness of the forming mold (the thickness of the mold on the movable template) and the stroke distance of the movable template of the injection molding machine. In addition, it should be verified that the structural dimensions of the mold to be installed on the injection molding machine are consistent with the conditions of the injection molding machine:
1) The distance between the tie rods should be larger than the width and height of the mold to facilitate mold assembly.
2) The size of the template meets the size requirements when the forming mold is installed and fixed.
3) The width and height of the mold must meet the minimum mold size recommended by the injection molding machine.

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