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Precautions for the use of high-speed injection molding machine

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The high-speed injection molding machine is the main molding equipment that uses plastic molding molds to make thin plastic products of various shapes. Next, the technicians of Lisong Machinery will tell you about the precautions for the use of the high-speed injection molding machine.

1. When there is no material in the screw or barrel of the high-speed injection molding machine, it is not advisable to use a high screw speed. After the raw material is filled with the screw groove (when the melt is extruded from the nozzle), the screw speed is increased to the required value to avoid The idling speed is too high or the time is too long to scratch the screw or barrel;

2. When using a high-speed injection molding machine, pay attention to the operation of the entire door. First, check the reliability of the entire door. When the machine is running, remember not to put your hand into the clamping mechanism. When taking the product, you must open the entire door. The door can be closed only after the personnel or the mold is free of foreign objects. During operation, the hand cannot reach between the nozzle and the mold gate. When repairing the mold, turn off the oil pump motor;

high-speed injection molding machine

3. Due to the different types of raw materials, the size and shape of the product area, the required clamping force is different. When adjusting the mold, please adjust according to the lower clamping force actually required, which not only saves power consumption, but also significantly extends The service life of the machine;

4. It takes about 30 minutes for the barrel of the high-speed injection molding machine to heat up from room temperature to the required temperature. In the case of residual cold material in the barrel, it must be kept warm for another ten minutes. The screw can be started for feeding to ensure that the residual cold material is fully melted and to avoid damage to the screw;

5. The pressure adjustment of the hydraulic system of the high-speed injection molding machine should be carried out separately according to the requirements of each action. It should not be too high. Using the pressure reasonably can not only save energy, but also extend the life of the machine. The position of each limit switch should also be adjusted according to the requirements of the finished product, especially the adjustment of the switching point during the injection to the holding pressure process, otherwise the product will be insufficiently filled, and on the contrary, the product will be too high. Stress or flash may even cause mold expansion, making it difficult to open the mold.

The above is the relevant content about high-speed injection molding machine to share with you. Hope that through the above content, everyone can have a better understanding and understanding of high-speed injection molding machine.

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