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Professional knowledge of oil-electric hybrid injection molding machine maintenance

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Oil-electric hybrid injection molding machine is a common industrial equipment in the plastic machinery and equipment manufacturing industry. It is a key forming machine and equipment for making thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics into various shapes of plastic products using plastic forming abrasives. The oil-electric hybrid injection molding machine can heat the plastic, release high pressure on the melted plastic, and make it shoot out and fill the mold of the abrasive tool.

The maintenance staff must first grasp and grasp the content in the actual operation and use instructions of the hybrid injection molding machine, understand and grasp the mechanical parts, power circuit and fuel pipe of the hybrid injection molding machine, and grasp it when it is in normal operation. During the whole process of the work of mechanical equipment, power circuit and fuel pipe, master and grasp the operation method of regular inspection and repair of electrical components and electronic components of hydraulic machines. Clear all normal and abnormal working attitudes to prevent time-consuming misidentification and misassembly.

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During the maintenance work, you must master the operating steps of the machine and equipment and have some basic knowledge of the injection molding process, and will apply it appropriately. If you do not know the actual operation of the hybrid injection molding machine, the maintenance work is very difficult, and it will be unreliable to distinguish common faults. The circuit boards and electrical components in the injection molding machine are long-term hazard by high temperature, natural environment, time and other factors, the components are offset in the middle of the work, and the embrittlement level of the electronic devices belongs to all normal categories. Therefore, adjusting the oil-electric hybrid injection molding machine is also one of the indispensable basic skills in maintenance work.

It is a very critical stage to master the working procedure of the hybrid injection molding machine, and to adjust the electronic circuit and gear oil circuit.

In the maintenance work, it is necessary to ensure accuracy, reliability and immediateness. It is necessary to conduct scientific research and grasp the contents in the user manuals of various types of hybrid injection molding machines. Posture of mechanical parts. The calibration work is carried out on the contrary, such as mechanical equipment posture and clamping working pressure, etc., you can find the fuel pipe and power circuit, if the power circuit output is normal, then calibrate the fuel pipe valve. If the fuel pipe is working normally, calibrate the power circuit electronic board. Nature is ultimately unified, but the three are interrelated and interdependent and manipulate each other.

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