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Prospect analysis of large, medium and small injection molding machines

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Large, medium and small injection molding machines are more complicated in terms of function and structural parts. Under the background of other factors such as technology, what kind of situation will this machine bring to us in the future development prospects? Let us take a look at the development prospects of large, medium and small injection molding machines.

From the perspective of global sales in 2020, Germany's production is only reaped by the world, and its export quota is also very high. It has to be said that Germany is in the leading position. Secondly, the small injection molding machines of Italy and Japan are ranked second and third respectively, while the export value of the United States has shown a downward trend every year.

After years of scientific and technological innovation and technical introduction, China's injection molding industry is also in continuous progress. From now on, its technological level is also in balance with some developed countries. In recent years, China has indeed made great progress in the development of the injection molding industry, and in the future development prospects, there will be more and more progress.

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From a global perspective, the pace of development of the construction industry is getting faster and faster, and it will also stimulate the development of plastic pipes and other pressed products. The demand for equipment such as small injection molding machines will also increase. After investigations in the US market, it is found that Japan and the United States will have an increasing demand for such machines, and China, Russia and India will develop their future paths There will be better sales space in China.

The most important problem in the development now is the need for more technology introduction and development in science and technology. At present, many domestic enterprises in our country have insufficient scientific research efforts and need to be improved, but the prospects for future development are still very promising. .

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