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Several tricks of improving the use of injection molding machines

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The injection molding machine machine can request a professional plastic machine service or the original manufacturer every year, which can greatly improve the service life of the machine.

injection molding machine
The injection molding machine will start from a few aspects:
1. Machine environment hygiene.
2. Oil temperature check.
3. Machine hinge system.
4. Heating system.
5. Cooling water.
6. The machine stops.
7. Safety mechanism effect.
8. Weekly maintenance.
9. Check for the journey and the proximity switch.
10. Oil infiltration.
11. Grease lubrication part.
12. Screws.
13. Oil.
14. Each season maintenance.
15. Wire connector.
16. Electric box hygiene.
17. Oil pump, oil motor.
18. Add butr.

The injection molding machine is probably these daily maintenance work, if you can do it, the useful life of the injection molding machine will be 20% higher. For more information about injection molding, please leave a message to us!

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