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The Best Guidance For Injection Molding Machine You've Ever Heard

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Injection Molding Machine User Guide》 is a book published by Chemical Industry Press. The book mainly introduces the basic concepts, structural composition, working principle, technical parameters, injection system and mold clamping system types, characteristics, main components, hydraulic and electrical control systems, main components, control methods, and hydraulic circuits of injection molding machines. Electrical circuit analysis, safety and protection measures of injection molding machine, installation adjustment and maintenance knowledge.
"Injection Molding Machine User Guide" can be used as a reference book and training material for the use, maintenance and management of the injection molding machine. It can also be used as a teaching reference book for scientific research and design units, factories and mines, enterprise technicians and related majors in universities and colleges.

table of Contents:

1 Overview
1.1 The purpose, type, specification and model of the injection molding machine
1.1.1 Purpose of injection molding machine
1.1.2 Types of injection molding machines
1.1.3 Specification and model representation
1.2 The structure of the injection molding machine
1.2.1 Injection system
1.2.2 Mold clamping system
1.2.3 Hydraulic drive and electrical control system
1.3 The main parameters of the injection molding machine
1.3.1 The main performance parameters of the injection molding machine
1.3.2 The main technical parameters of the injection molding machine
1.4 Principles and characteristics of injection process
1.4.1 Principle of injection process
1.4.2 Characteristics of injection process
1.5 Injection process
injection molding machine
2. Injection system of injection molding machine
2.1 Type of injection system
2.2 Screw injection system
2.2.1 Features of screw injection system
2.2.2 Composition and working principle of screw injection system
2.2.3 The main components of the screw injection system
2.3 Plunger injection device
2.3.1 Features of plunger injection device
2.3.2 Composition and working principle of plunger injection system
2.3.3 The main components of the plunger injection system

3. The clamping system of the injection molding machine
3.1 Types of clamping systems
3.1.1 The composition of the clamping system
3.1.2 The characteristic requirements of the clamping system
3.1.3 Types of clamping system
3.2 Hydraulic clamping system
3.2.1 Single-cylinder direct pressure mold clamping device
3.2.2 Pressurized mold clamping device
3.2.3 Liquid-filled mold clamping device
3.2.4 Liquid-filled pressurized mold clamping device
3.2.5 Secondary action voltage stabilizing mold clamping device
3.3 Hydraulic and mechanical mold clamping device
3.3.1 Hydraulic? Single toggle mold clamping device
3.3.2 Hydraulic? Double toggle mold clamping device
3.4 The main components of the clamping system
3.4.1 Template
3.4.2 Tie rod
3.4.3 Mold adjusting device
3.4.4 Ejector device
3.5 The main technical parameters of the clamping system

4. Hydraulic control system of injection molding machine
4.1 The characteristics of the hydraulic control system of the injection molding machine
4.2 Composition of hydraulic system
4.3 Hydraulic components commonly used in injection molding machines
4.3.1 Hydraulic pump
4.3.2 Hydraulic motor
4.3.3 Hydraulic cylinder
4.3.4 Ordinary hydraulic valve
4.3.5 Electro-hydraulic proportional valve
4.3.6 Cartridge valve
4.3.7 Hydraulic auxiliary components
4.4 Analysis of typical control modules of injection molding machine hydraulic system
4.4.1 Main circuit module
4.4.2 Injection/pre-plastic control module
4.4.3 Clamping module
4.5 Examples of typical hydraulic systems for injection molding machines
4.5.1 Typical hydraulic system controlled by spool valve
4.5.2 The hydraulic system of the gear reducer drive screw preformed
4.5.3 The hydraulic system of the gear reducer drive screw pre-plasticized

5. The electrical control system of the injection molding machine
5.1 Controller of electrical control system
5.1.1 Traditional Relay
5.1.2 Programmable Controller
5.1.3 Single chip controller
5.1.4 Industrial PC
5.2 Injection molding machine electronic control system
5.2.1 Motor start control
5.2.2 Injection sequence control part
5.2.3 Temperature control of injection molding machine
injection mold
6. Safety and protection measures of injection molding machine
6.1 Hazardous area of ​​the injection molding machine
6.2 Safety protection device of injection molding machine
6.2.1 Safety devices and protection of the mold area
6.2.2 Safety device and protection of nozzle and barrel
6.2.3 Safety device and protection of mold
6.2.4 Electrical safety devices
6.2.5 Hydraulic safety device
6.2.6 Fixed safety door
6.3 Inspection of safety devices

7. Installation, adjustment and commissioning of the injection molding machine
7.1 Installation and adjustment of injection molding machine
7.1.1 Installation of injection molding machine
7.1.2 Adjustment during installation
7.1.3 Connection of cooling water pipes
7.1.4 Other installation matters
7.2 Test run of injection molding machine
7.2.1 Preparations before commissioning
7.2.2 No-load debugging
7.2.3 Mold clamping
7.2.4 Debugging of injection molded products
7.2.5 End of test run

8. Maintenance and maintenance of injection molding machine
8.1 Precautions for use
8.2 Maintenance of injection molding machine
8.2.1 Main points of daily maintenance
8.2.2 Weekly maintenance points
8.2.3 Points for regular maintenance
8.3 Lubrication of injection molding machine
8.4 Maintenance and cleaning of nozzles, barrels and screws
8.4.1 Cleaning the nozzle
8.4.2 Cleaning of barrel and screw
8.5 Adjustment of the sliding feet of the movable template
8.5.1 Adjustment of mechanical sliding foot device
8.5.2 Adjustment of hydraulic support sliding foot device

9. Troubleshooting of injection molding machine and solutions to product defects
9.1 Common faults and troubleshooting of injection molding machines
9.2 Measures to solve the quality defects of injection molded products

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