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The difference between PET injection molding machine and other injection molding machines

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The PET injection molding machine is the same as any other for PE, PP or the like.The difference, it does not make a final product but a preform.

Production method of PET injection molding machine:
When you inject a plastic object, your mould has the outer and internal form and the space between both is filled with plastic to form the object.For a PET bottle such is difficult as you can't get the internal form out of it.So a preform is injected, which is the screw top and an hollow, finger like shape.On the filling machine, the top is firmly gripped, the "finger" is heated, placed inside an outer form and compressed air is blown into it.So a bottle is formed to the form of the external mould, simple but smart.
PET injection molding machine work
PET injection molding machine:
1.Optimized Toggle Unit Design;
2.Cam-ring Mechanism;
3.Multistage ejector;
4.More larger space of mold;
5.Large-sized Linear Guide Rail Support;
6.The Advanced Control Interface;
7.Closed-loop PID temperature controller;
8.Efficient Injection Structure;
9.Precise linear guide rail;
10.Servo Motor and Drive.
pet plastic
What's the  PET injection molding machine price?
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