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The importance of ensuring sufficient lubricating oil for horizontal injection molding machines

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Horizontal injection molding machine is the most common type of injection molding machine. Its clamping part and injection part are on the same horizontal center line, and the mold is opened in the horizontal direction. Its characteristics are: the body is short, easy to operate and maintain; the machine has a low center of gravity, and the installation is relatively stable; after the product is ejected, it can automatically fall under the action of gravity, and it is easy to realize fully automatic operation. Its disadvantages are: mold installation is more troublesome, if the inserts are published, if the mold has the possibility of tilting or falling, the machine occupies a large area. Most of the injection molding machines on the market adopt this type.

The abnormal increase in oil temperature caused by excessively high oil temperature may be caused by abnormal cooling system or high heat generated by hydraulic components during operation.

horizontal injection molding machines
There are 2 reasons why the horizontal injection molding machine does not have enough lubricating oil:
1. The cooling system is abnormal
1) The cooling system is insufficiently supplied, such as the water switch is not fully opened, the water pressure is insufficient, or the flow of the water pump does not meet the requirements, etc.
2) The pipeline is blocked, such as the filter screen, the cooling tower or the water pipe.
3) The cooling water temperature is too high, such as the cooling tower has insufficient heat dissipation capacity, or is damaged or the temperature is too high.

2. The hydraulic system generates high heat
1) The oil pump is damaged, and the internal parts are worn at high speed to generate high heat.
2) The pressure is not adjusted properly, and the hydraulic system has been under high pressure for a long time and overheated.
3) Internal leakage of hydraulic components, such as damage to the directional valve or damage to the sealing ring, causes heat to be generated when high-pressure oil flows through a small space.

The above are the things to be done before starting the horizontal injection molding machine collected by the technical staff of Lisong Machinery. If you have any questions about what to do before starting the horizontal injection molding machine, please call us or leave a message.

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